The PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model is commercial linear optimisation software developed by Energy Exemplar. Their software has datasets for several electrcity markets, including the Australian National Electrcity Market.  This commerical package provides a quick, easy and low resolution way to address standard research questions. In contrast, the Australian National Electrcity Market (ANEM) Model is EEMG's inhouse model designed to address nonstandard research questions with high resolution.

The EEMG has used PLEXOS in two projects:

  1. Economic and Investment Models for Future Grids (CSIRO Future Grid Cluster) 2013-2015

Project report forthcoming

  1. Intelligent Grid Research Cluster: Market and economic modelling of the impacts of distributed generation and local co-operating agent-based demand side management. (2008-2011) Funded by the CSIRO

Wagner, L (2011), 'The Impact of DG deployment: A case study applying PLEXOS modelling', in J Foster (ed.), Market and economic modelling of the impact of distributed generation, CSIRO Intelligent Grid Research Cluster, Brisbane, Australia